Stellarella Seashells

Stellarella, Seashells on the Seashore

Written by Deborah Dykes illustrated by Christina Mattison Klaven

Stellarella Seashells on the Seashore“When little girls are finally able to see themselves as having truly been made “in the image of God”—as Scripture insists we are—then sexism will be over, the oppression of women in the name of God will be over and adults, too, will finally be free of the tendency to divinize maleness. Most of all, the temptation to dominate those others we at least unconsciously define as less human, less rational, less endowed than males who define themselves as agents of a male God. That moment is here. Stellarella and Tank are leading the way! To understand the importance of this new sense of identity is to be part of bringing the dawn of a bright new world for us all. Give a child this gift of fullness of life.” —Joan Chittister, OSB, author of Following The Path

ISBN 978-1-938883-50-7
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