Santa and the Little Yellow Mouse

Santa and the Little Yellow Mouse

Robert Bartles
illustrations by Ralph Moxcey


Santa will never forget even one tiny friend at Christmastime, and the tiniest package can hold the biggest present of all. A story of hope, courage, and love, Santa and the Little Yellow Mouse shows how a special little mouse learns about the true meaning of Christmas. An engaging story for all ages that you will want to read again every Christmas season.

ROBERT BARTLES has spent his professional life in the book publishing and distribution business while also cultivating his own passion for writing. With the opportunity afforded by retirement he has rededicated himself to the writer’s life. His current work includes poetry, short stories, and children’s books, and he is currently working on a play. Illustrator

RALPH MOXCEY is a year-round resident of Bremen, Maine, and continues to create wildlife sculpture, paint, and collaborate on various artistic projects.

Paperback, 10” x 11”, 34 pages with color illustrations

ISBN 978-1-63381-019-8